Health Benefits of Strawberries

 Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga  

Strawberries the super-food packed with several essential vitamins and minerals with fat and cholesterol fat free. There are several reasons to eat Strawberries. Here are the big health reason to include strawberries in diet. 1) Strawberries support Cardiovascular and helps in prevention of Cardiovascular diseases. 2) Helps to decreased type 2 diabetes by regulating blood sugar 3) Strawberries also helps to prevention of several cancers like breast, colon and cervical cancer. Strawberry is also rich source of Vitamin C which helps to boost the immunity power.

Strawberries having strong anti-oxidant properties helps in preventing heart disease and lowers the blood pressure. The Common vitamins and amino acids found in this power foods includes Vitamin A, C, K etc and Tryptophan, Thereonine, Lysine, Cystine etc. The common common health strawberries includes prevent from heart diseases, reduce risk of stroke, as having anti-oxidant properties prevent form cancer, lower the cardiovascular disease, Eye health, neurological health, Helps in weigh loss, as strawberries are excellent source of vitamin C will take care of skin health and immunity system. Here we are listing the 10 big proven health benefits of Strawberries.


Heart Disease

We know that heart disease (Cardiovascular disease) is one of the most common reason to death. Strawberries are loaded with anti-inflammatory anti-oxidants and anti-aging flavonoid anti-oxidant called anthocyanin which directly link to lower the possibility of chronic diseases and cardiovascular diseases. This fruit also content flavonoid called quercetin which acts as a natural anti-inflammatory helps to reduce risk of atherosclerosis and LDL. Fiber and Potassium are helps to support heart health which are found Strawberries. Bad Cholesterol is one of the main reason to cause different heart diseases. This fruit is loaded with essential element called ellagic acid which improve heart health by controlling bad cholesterol.


Prevent from Cancer

One of the big nutritional health benefit of strawberry is its having power to fight against cancer. According to study and research strawberries having ability to block the development of cancer cell formation (carcinogenesis). As we discuss above the fruit having strong anti-oxidant properties which work against formation of free radicals, promote tumor growth by decreasing inflammation in the body. Ellagic acid found in Strawberries having anti-cancer properties which helps to prevent the formation of cancer cells in the body.


Blood Pressure


Strawberries are one of the most recommended fruit for those who are dealing with high blood pressure. As we know this fruit is excellent source of potassium content which responsible of negating the sodium content in the body. Low potassium intake leads to high risk for developing blood pressure. So eat potassium rich diet to create wall against the negative effects of sodium. Potassium is one of the most essential component which promotes good heart health.


Protect Skin from Damage


We know that Vitamin A and C having skin improving properties as they helps to protect skin form hydration, prevent formation of wrinkle, improves skin elasticity and reduces the risk of skin related cancer. Strawberries are excellent source of Vitamin C and A which help to promote healthy skin. Vitamin is responsible for production of collagen which improves skin elasticity.

Eye Health

Vitamin C is responsible for protection of eyes from free-radicals and harmful UV rays. Vitamin C promote eye health by strengthening eye retina. Strawberry having string anti-oxidant properties which helps to prevent form cataracts. Strawberries is rich source of vitamin C helps o promote eye health. So eat this vitamin C rich fruit to improve eye vision.

Foods for Healthy Vision

Tips to Stay fit

Are you worried about your eye health? What are the natural ways to take care of your health? What are the Tips to take care of eye vision? Natural foods are one of the best solutions to take care of your eyes. Below we are trying to list the best natural foods to take care of your eyes and vision.

Oily Fish


Oily fish like tuna, salmon are the rich source of omega-3 fatty acids found in eye retina. Deficiency of omega-3 fatty acids leads to certain eye problems like dry eye conditions. Eye essential fatty acids found in oily fish leads to the proper flow of intraocular fluid in eyes prevents from dry eye conditions. Fatty acid also responsible for strong and healthier tiny eye blood vessels and reduces the risk of macular degeneration in adults.


Red Meat


Zinc found in red meat is one of the essential minerals to boost eye health. Zinc found in red meat helps our body to absorbs the vitamin A leads to lower the risk macular degeneration and promotes the eye tissues health.



Almonds are loaded with plenty of health-essential minerals such as vitamin E, Vitamin B2 and Potassium needed for healthy eyes. According to research vitamin E found in almonds helps to protect the eye from free radical damage while magnesium helps to relax the smooth muscle found in the inner eye to prevent eye muscle spams. So try to include almonds in your diet to decreased the age-related macular degeneration.




Eggs are the rich source of several health essential vitamins and minerals needed healthy and fit lifestyle. Eggs are the rich source of vitamin A and lutein helps to protect from night blindness and dry eye syndromes. So try ti include eggs in your diet to promote eye health.


Sweet Potatoes


Sweet Potatoes are the rich source of vitamin C and vitamin A having antioxidant property helps to protect eyes from macular degeneration in old age and cataract formation.


Health Benefits of Drinking Warm or hot Water

 Health Benefits of Drinking Warm or hot Water  

I Consider that everyone should aware that how water is essential to the survival of not only mankind but also for every living being. According to most of skin and health experts drinking hot water is essential to stay fit and healthy. According to health experts, drinking hot water helps to keep the body free of toxin helps you to keep fit and healthy.

According to the medical suggestion, you should drink roughly eight glass of water daily which helps you to stay hydrated for a long time keeping you staying healthy. Warm water is the best alternative fro those who want's to get slim in a natural way as drinking warm water leads to speeding metabolism in the body resulted in stay slim. There are several unknown health benefits of drinking warm or hot water daily.


Cleanses and Promote Digestion


As we discuss above we take a cup of coffee or tea to fresh the body after bed time. Drinking cold water with food may put an adverse effect on digestive system. Drinking cold water before or after meal harden the oil present in foods so our body uses more energy to digest cold water and food resulted in the deposition of fat in the inner wall of the intestine. According to Ayurveda concept drinking a glass of warm water in the morning helps to stimulate digestion by flushing out toxins from the body. Let me explain ho it works. Warm water with other body liquids break down the foods in the stomach even faster helps to keep digestive system work on a right track. Try to replace a cold glass of water with hot water glass after a meal to promote healthy digestive system.


Improves Body's Detoxification

We know water helps to remove impure substances from the body. Improper digestion leads to the toxicity source in the body. Improperly digested food get accumulate in the inner wall if intestine. Our intestine common function is to absorb the nutrients but in the case of improper digestion, it absorbs some of the toxins into the bloodstream. One of the healthy reason to drink warm water is it helps to body detoxify. As you drink hot water leads to increasing in body temperature which accelerates metabolism in the body which result in sweat helps to remove the toxin from the body. Most of the health experts suggest that warm water with cleaning agents such as lemon, honey helps to stimulate digestion and flushing toxins from the body.


Cures Constipation


There are several problems arises due to water deficiency in the body. The common problem is Constipation.(stomach problem caused due to water deficiency). Constipation causes little to no bowel movements resulted in a feeling of strain during elimination of stool deposited in the intestine in some cases it may be painful. But drinking a glass of hot water with empty stomach in the morning helps to improve bowel movements which break down the food to pass smoothly through the intestine. So try to drink a glass of warm water in the morning with the empty stomach to aids constipation.


Weight Loss Management


Water helps to stay fit and healthy by keeping the body hydrated. If you want to lose extra pounds then you need supplements to maintain a healthy metabolism. Drinking a glass of warm water with honey or lemon aids to weight loss as it breaks down extra fat deposited in the body. Hot water leads to healthy metabolism rate and stomach acids keeping the body hydrated. So try your weight loss goals with a glass of warm water with lemon in the morning which is prescribed drink to weigh loss.

Improves Blood Circulation


One of the healthy reason to drink warm water is as it helps to improve blood circulation. Improving blood circulation means what elimination of fat deposited in the body. According to study drinking of a glass of warm hot water in the leads to burning of fat deposited in the body and also break down of fats deposited in the nervous system as it also helps to remove the toxin from the body to enhance the blood circulation.


Health Benefits of Eating Apple

 Health Benefits of Eating Apple

Do you know the king of Fruit?? The answer is apple. Apples are crunchy, delicious, popular and healthiest fruit a human can it. There is no fruit can do good as apple do for health conscious people. In the language of nutritionist we may called apple as “nutritional power house”. This nutritional fruit having more than 7,500 varieties comes different colors like red, green and yellow. According to nutritionist apples are loaded with antioxidants i.e. polyphenols having high anti-oxidants properties. Most of the person only eat the apple eat and thrown the apple skin but apple skin are also laded with polyphenols so throw the apple skin because it also having amazing health benefits as apple skin.


Take Care of Heart


Apples are loaded with soluble fiber called Pectin which is responsible the prevents the accumulation of cholesterol along the blood vessels which builds strong defensive system against cardiovascular diseases. The soluble fiber found in apple bind with fats in intestine. According to studies people who consume apples a day having 50% less chances of strokes than those who did not. Single medium size apple contains nearly 4 grams of fiber which linked to lower the bad cholesterol level. As we discuss apples are loaded with several mineral and potassium help in reducing risk heart stroke and attack.


Boost your immunity Power

Apples are rich source of vitamin C helps to boost your immunity system by fight against diseases cause by virus and bacteria. Apple are also loaded with compound called flavonoid quercedtin helps to improve immunity system.


Improves Digestion


As we knew that the diet rich in fiber helps in digestion process. Studies show that regular consumption of apples responsible for smooth movements of bowel to prevent form different stomach diseases. Apples are loaded with loaded with substance called “malic acid” responsible proper digestion.


Prevent from Cancer


When we talk about the fruits and Vegetables having anti-cancer properties then apples definitely wins. Apple are best anti-cancerous agent helps in prevention of various cancer like colon cancer, breast and lung cancer. (apples detoxifies liver leads to prevent lung cancer). Having anti-cancers property is one of the big health benefits of eating apple.